Should I Get Adjusted Even When I "Feel Good?"

One of the many reasons people love coming to a chiropractic office is the atmosphere: it is so wonderful to see so many people getting checked for subluxation and adjusted simply to function at their best instead of simply being reactive to symptoms.

Why, though, is "wellness" such an important part of care? Why do people continue to get checked even after they feel better? Why do children who have never experienced symptoms get checked by a chiropractor? As you continue to read your daily handouts, you'll learn the many reasons why people choose to get checked by a chiropractor regardless of the existence of symptoms.

The reason that this is so crucial, though, stems from the fact that vertebral subluxation, or misalignments of the spine that result in nerve interference (what your chiropractor corrects when he or she adjusts you) can be asymptomatic yet still cause various physiological effects.These include a chronic increased stress response, increased disease susceptibility, inflammation, muscle spasms etc.

Researchers studying chiropractic patients in Germany attempted to determine the prevalence of this asymptomatic vertebral subluxation. What they found was that 94% of patients who got adjusted in chiropractic offices had subluxations that they did not feel or know were there! You should know that each and every time you get adjusted, regardless of how you feel, your body is clear, connected, and healing at 100% of its potential!

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