Did you know there is hope and healing AFTER having spine surgery?

Many individuals believe that they no longer have options for better health and healing once they have had a spine operation. Furthermore, many believe they can not receive chiropractic care after an operation. This is a question that many chiropractors encounter more often than you'd think. Did you know Dr. Amanda had not one, but THREE spine surgeries with the end result of surgeons removing all her hardware?

Just like Dr. Amanda, individuals who have undergone spinal surgery often understand first-hand how the spine can affect the nervous system, they also understand the significance and power of chiropractic care but are often afraid to pursue it because of the complications of surgery.

Thankfully, Dr. Taylor and Dr. Amanda are educated in delivering specific, scientific chiropractic adjustments even after spinal surgery! When there is fusion in the spine, it causes the vertebrae above and below to work extra hard to compensate, and they can therefore wear out faster. Chiropractic is especially crucial for those after surgery to help prevent further damage to the spine, and creating long term stability!

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