Take care of yourself through the holidays!

Updated: May 5, 2020

We will miss you while you’re gone! Here are a few tips to keep your spine healthy until you get back for your next adjustment!!!

  • Increase your water intake! 64oz +/day! (Keep those tissues hydrated) 😊

  • As always, don’t forget your stretches! (Ask the front desk for neck and low back stretch packets: do those 2x/day! They’re quick and effective and only take 10 minutes)!

  • 20 minutes of ice on your neck & low back every night; roll up towel for neck. If traveling: get freezer bags to carry in car with you, fill up with crushed ice every time you go to gas station, apply to stiff areas)

  • Limit sweets intake! (More sugar, less fresh air, & less movement will lead to sickness) ☹

  • Careful with lifting! If you have to lift, use your legs and/or ask for help too!

  • Keep mobile! 20 min brisk walk/exercise daily to keep joints and ligaments in motion! (Too cold outside? Mall walking is great alternative!) 😊

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