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Healthy Sleep for a Healthy Soul!

Updated: May 5, 2020

Sleep is essential for the body. It’s a time for our body to rest and recuperate. Sleep troubles are one of the most common health factors that impact overall health and functioning. Our body’s sleep can be affected by many factors, including nightmares, snoring, and sleepwalking/talking.

Excessive use of electronic media devices, academic stress, and affective disorders are some other contributing factors that particularly affect adolescents. Our health decisions for our babies can impact their lives later, including when it comes to sleep! Since sleep problems and inadequate sleep can be indicators for other health problems later on in life, identifying sleep problems and risk factors early on allows for early intervention!

More importantly, it is crucial to always seek positive health decisions, such as neurologically-based chiropractic care to improve the health of both mom and baby rather than only looking to treat symptoms. Healthy babies make healthy adults, and they carry (and hopefully work to build upon) that health with them for life!

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