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Chiropractic and teeth?

Updated: May 4, 2020

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Imagine that this morning you woke up with a toothache. Rough. Wanting to get rid of the pain quickly you called your dentist and they were able to squeeze you in today.

After doing a thorough exam, your dentist found what you were dreading: a cavity. I mean, thank goodness they found it before it got worse, but that stinks! The question is, though, how long do you think it had been there? Did that cavity start growing this morning? Yesterday? Last week?

Chances are that cavity had been growing for a long time before you even noticed it was there. Vertebral subluxation is often the same. More often than not, symptoms are the last part of the problem to develop.

If you’re just getting started on your chiropractic journey, remember that those symptoms didn’t arise in a day and healing takes time and repetition. Once you’ve finished your corrective care, remember that ongoing chiropractic care is not necessarily about symptoms but about promoting health so we can achieve our best life possible!

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