Do I really have to ice? But WHY?

Updated: May 4, 2020

Restoration Chiropractic

You may have heard Dr. Amanda or Dr. Taylor talk about icing your neck or low back after an adjustment for 20 minutes. Commonly, we hear practice members tell us, "I didn't ice, because I wasn't in any pain and I didn't have time, is this right?"

We are so glad you are not having pain, but the reality of icing your neck or low back after an adjustment is one more step in the healing process!

Ice works to decrease pain & inflammation and enhance healing!

You see, if you are already in pain, we would be more reactive than proactive! Meaning, we are already 5 steps behind.

If we dive in deeper to the physiological level of the role ice plays in your body:

At 5 minutes: your body experiences cold.

At 10 minutes: your body experiences burning

At 15 minutes: your body experiences aches

At 20 minutes: your body experiences numbness!!!

That is why 20 minutes is so crucial, because that is the physiological level we are creating to help with the healing process; in order for your body to hold these adjustments and you can start feeling well and functioning optimally!

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