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Adjusting kids

While chiropractic care has been widely accepted as a form of management for musculoskeletal problems, many in the media and in the healthcare field still do not understand the benefits of a chiropractic adjustment for babies and children. This is largely due to lack of communication about the differences between adjustments for adults and those for children.

So, is chiropractic safe for your baby? Overwhelming amounts of research support that, yes, chiropractic care is safe for babies. Some have reported that serious adverse reactions have occurred following a chiropractic adjustment, but in many cases the individual performing the adjustment was not a licensed chiropractor. Also, in the vast majority of cases, pre-existing conditions were identified. In fact, in the most thorough study ever completed on the safety of pediatric chiropractic care, mild adverse reactions—defined as mild soreness lasting less than 24 hours—following a chiropractic adjustment were found to have a probability of less than 1%. How is this possible? Scientifically-specific chiropractic adjustments for kids are extremely gentle.

Although in some chiropractic offices a “cracking” or “popping”sound can be heard, the force used to adjust babies and kids is about the same pressure used to check the firmness of a tomato. In many instances, it is so gentle that infants will sleep through the adjustment! The benefits of chiropractic care for children have been widely established, from improving digestion and cognition to helping irritability, colic, and sleep difficulties. Talk to your chiropractor about care for the whole family!

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