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Brandon finds a chiropractor he loves in Columbia MO

Brandon needed a way to stay healthy and to keep free from pain. He works at a desk job so he wanted to take good care of himself. He was initially skeptical about chiropractors in Columbia and in general. He was impressed by the science behind the scanning and diagnosis. He was equally impressed by the treatment method that didn't involve head twisting and loud cracking. It was not painful and just tapped your misalignments back into proper alignment. It was a friendly positive experience for Brandon and he definitely recommends it to others.


00:00 after talking to Taylor I realized with 00:03 my back I needed more of a maintenance 00:05 plan and that was something that I 00:07 realized that for your overall help 00:09 that's a really important thing to look 00:11 into doing is just making sure that 00:12 everything is maintained in good 00:14 alignment and just good form 00:17 and so I came in with that idea 00:21 going forward and realized that 00:23 would be a good option for me and going 00:25 forward and working with him that's been 00:27 really beneficial for me he went there 00:29 and did the scan and we've done that 00:30 three or four times already and just 00:32 look to see where my back is and where 00:35 it's going and see how it progressed 00:37 which I think is really important that's 00:38 something that I've been skeptical with 00:40 with chiropractors is do we see 00:43 improvement if I don't feel it as 00:45 something really happening and with 00:47 the scan it really helps reinforce that 00:49 things are moving things are changing 00:50 and even in your daily life things are 00:54 always moving and changing in your back 00:56 and so it's important just to make sure 00:57 you know what's going on I've never been 00:59 to another chiropractor before so to see 01:02 dr. Taylor and then such a very gentle 01:04 non-painful way of really doing a lot of 01:08 movement and a lot of good but with a 01:10 little less force into it was really 01:12 important to me when deciding whether I 01:15 was going to use a chiropractor because 01:16 I just didn't really like the idea of 01:19 someone pulling on my neck in and so 01:22 that nice easy gentle technique that 01:26 also does a lot of good work was really 01:27 important for me I work at a desk job so 01:30 having something that makes sure I'm 01:32 gonna line when I'm stuck sitting at a 01:33 desk all day can really mess up your 01:35 back and so having this treatment 01:38 it's been really big 01:39 for me, the folks here are by far one of 01:43 the best groups that are here in town 01:45 there's a friendly face always here to 01:47 greet you they know your name I really 01:50 feel like you feel like part of the 01:51 family when you walk in and then dr. 01:54 Taylor and dr. Amanda couldn't say more 01:56 better things about them they're 01:58 friendly they know who you are and 02:00 they're truly invested in your health 02:01 they want to make sure that you are set 02:05 up for success when it comes to your 02:06 health really impressed never there's 02:10 never not a smile when you walk in the 02:12 door and I couldn't be happier to be

here at Restoration Chiropractic in Columbia Missouri.

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