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Earth Day {at home}

Celebrate Earth Day and feed the birds with the help of birdseed ornaments made from supplies you can find in the kitchen!

Great for kids of all ages, birdseed ornaments give feathered friends a snack and let kids see the birds that come to visit when you hang them outside the classroom or kitchen window.

What you need:




Corn syrup

Cookie cutters

Parchment paper

2 packets of gelatin

Cold and boiling water

What to do:

  • Mix the gelatin with ½ cup of cold water until it dissolves the powder.

  • Have an adult add ½ cup of boiling water to the gelatin so it dissolves.

  • Add 2 tablespoons of corn syrup and mix well.

  • Add birdseed to the gelatin mixture.

  • Spoon the birdseed mixture into cookie cutters and use parchment paper to pat the seeds into the cookie cutter.

  • Keep filling and pressing down the birdseed mixture. Be sure to leave a hole to thread twine through the ornament.

  • Place the filled cookie cutters in the fridge overnight.

  • The next day, give the birdseed ornaments a gentle push to let them fall out of the cookie-cutter mold.

  • Pull the twine through the holes and hang it outside for birds to enjoy!


Salt dough earth:

Get creative with your family by making up a batch of salt dough!

Begin by forming a ball with your hands and flattening it

Put a small hole near the top so that you can thread a piece of yarn or twine to hang it up

Use green acrylic or craft paint to brush on the continents

Fill in the remaining areas with blue paint

Voila — you have the world in your hands!

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