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Gail finds freedom from migraine headaches at Restoration Chiropractic in Columbia

Gail finds freedom from the pain of migraine headaches. She tells how she can exercise and play with her grandkids after her treatments at Restoration Chiropractic. She is no longer a prisoner of the painful headaches. She feels like the doctors at the chiropractic office are like family. She loves how friendly they are. Restoration Chiropractic is Columbia Missouri Chiropractor of choice.

Transcript of Video

  1. oh I had migraines for years and I came

  2. 00:04 to see dr. Amanda and she gave me an

  3. 00:08 assessment and she started my

  4. 00:13 adjustments and I no longer have

  5. 00:15 migraines and I'm able to enjoy my my

  6. 00:19 life I don't fear having those migraines

  7. 00:22 anymore I get to play with my

  8. 00:24 grandchildren and get to exercise now

  9. 00:28 I'm no longer a prisoner of those

  10. 00:31 headaches anymore and I get to exercise

  11. 00:35 and I've lost weight and it's just just

  12. 00:40 amazing and I love these doctors they

  13. 00:44 are so nice and so friendly I feel like

  14. 00:47 I come to see some of my family I come

  15. 00:51 here

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