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Jessica had broken her back. She was in pain and worried about finding a chiropractor in Columbia.

Jessica was in an accident and she had several fractures in her spine so she really wanted a Chiropractor that would be very careful with her back. She wasn't comfortable with traditional chiropractors who push and twist and crack your back. She loved their use of the integrator which gently taps individual vertebrae into alignment. She felt safe and was impressed with their high tech assessments and diagnosis. After several treatments, she was free from pain and could stand up at work and go home and play with her kids! Restoration Chiropractic is Columbia Missouri chiropractor of choice.


  1. I had mostly lower spinal fractures and 00:06 they were causing a lot of pain I went 00:12 through infertility and then once I 00:15 started getting care it was all all 00:19 better by then 00:20 dr. Taylor and his entire team it's been 00:21 amazing his approach is great he was 00:27 able to do an adjustment without leaving 00:29 you sore and tender afterwards which is 00:32 what I love I don't like the thought 00:34 after having a broken back of somebody 00:36 popping and twisting and cracking my 00:39 back the thermal scanner is amazing you 00:42 you know that you have some discomfort 00:44 and pain but you learn to live with it 00:46 and then you see the scanner which 00:49 doesn't hurt at all they just do this 00:51 little roll up your back and they look 00:54 at your nerves and tell you where 00:57 your pain is and then it's all kind of 00:59 real like what can they do to help me 01:01 and then they continue to watch your 01:06 progression 01:07 before I started chiropractic care with 01:09 Dr. Taylor I work on my feet and I would 01:13 definitely be stored in the day my arms 01:17 will be sore right so my shoulders would 01:19 be super tight my neck 01:22 and I was just not comfortable ever 01:27 laying down in bed nothing that was 01:29 comfortable now I'm doing great I'm able 01:32 to work all day on my feet my clients 01:36 don't notice any you know pain coming 01:40 from me I'm able to do my services 01:42 without any issues and I'm able to play 01:44 with my kids and chase them around and 01:47 have nothing 01:48 my daughter Abigail basically acts like 01:51 she owns the place she's a little mascot 01:52 for a restoration cart practic but you 01:55 come in and you feel welcome you feel 01:57 like family you feel like you've known 01:58 these people your entire life 02:02

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