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Chiropractors for hope, health, and life.

Where healing starts.


Restoration Chiropractic loves to come alongside both young and old to restore hope, health, and life. Our mission is to create the healthiest city in the world right here in Columbia, MO. Through gentle yet precise methods, our advanced chiropractic technology allows your body to function effectively, stay healthy, and live your best life. No matter what age or walk of life you are in, Restoration Chiropractic care is for you!

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Voted Best of Columbia 2023 for chiropractic care

Cultivate Wellness the Chiropractic Way

Dr. Taylor teaching about the spine and nervous system

Chiropractors treat more than just back pain, they restore health.

Our Columbia Chiropractors treat your whole well-being! Chiropractic care is the foundation for true health. People often come to us to seek relief from pain, but chiropractic care is so much more. Our nerves serve as the vital link between the brain and the entire body, regulating its functions both consciously and unconsciously. Every organ and muscle receives direction from the nervous system. When we have spinal misalignments, the signals from our brain can be disrupted from making it to essential parts of our body. This can lead to digestive issues, headaches, allergies, foggy thinking, and so much more. Correcting misalignment of the spine restores a clear pathway for the nerves to perform optimally, frees you from pain, and optimizes the function of your bodily systems.

Our team works hard to be the best chiropractor in Columbia for you!

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