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From the moment our children are born, we are constantly striving to give them everything they need to succeed in life. Oftentimes, when it comes to the health of our children, it can be confusing – we don’t know where to start or what to do.

littles + tots

We know that the foundation for health begins with optimal neurological development during the first two to three years of life, so we use the most advanced technology to identify imbalances in your baby’s or toddler’s nervous system and correct them through gentle, kid-friendly adjustments. Keeping your child’s nervous system clear and balanced is the first building block to better health!

In many cases, parents who have their children under consistent pediatric chiropractic care have reported the following:

Decreased colic-like symptoms

Improved crawling

Improved behavior

Fewer ear infections

Stronger latch or latching on both sides

More consistent bowel movements

Torticollis relief

Improved sleep

big kids

The demands being placed on our adolescents is rapidly increasing. Keeping our big kids in optimal health through their formative years of growing and changing helps ensure that they can achieve their full potential. Here at Restoration Chiropractic, we use a gentle approach to make sure your big kid’s nervous system is balanced and functioning optimally.

Kids under less physical stress through regular pediatric chiropractic care often experience: 

Increased connection with peers

Improved ability to handle stress

Better posture

Diminished allergies

Enhanced athletic performance

Improvement in behavioral issues

Elevated mood

Better sleep

Our team at Restoration Chiropractic is specially and extensively trained to detect signs of both macro- and micro-trauma and their deleterious effects on a child’s developing nervous system.

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