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Pregnancy chiropractic consultation

Pregnancy Care

During pregnancy, your body is rapidly growing and changing, which places new stresses on not only your spine and pelvis but also your nervous system.

Why choose chiropractic care during your pregnancy?

Better positioning for delivery and a quicker, more comfortable labor are just a few of the reasons why women turn to chiropractic care during pregnancy. The Webster Technique centers on applying strategic, gentle pressure to the pelvis, which restores alignment and causes the uterus to relax. As a result, baby can find more room to turn head down and mom can find greater comfort. Feeling good during pregnancy can help mom keep up her normal routine, exercise regimen, and regular range of motion. All of these factors contribute to a greater chance of delivery with fewer (or no!) medical interventions. Pregnant women around the world who are seeking the best possible chance of reducing discomfort before, during, and after labor, without drugs or surgery, turn to the Webster Technique!

Our Doctors are Webster Certified

Benefits of prenatal chiropractic care include:

Decreased low back and hip pain
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Restore proper balance in pelvis and hips
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Reduced labor pain and delivery time
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Decreased muscle spasms and inflammation
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Improved quality of sleep
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