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Headaches & Migraines

I’ve loved coming to Restoration Chiropractic! When I first started, I was having knee issues and terrible headaches. My knee issue is completely gone, and I get headaches less frequently and severely. The doctors are to kind and so helpful, too. They genuinely care about your overall health! 

Alexa W.

I must begin by saying I come from a family that would not allow anyone to go to a Chiropractor because my father was an M.D. who was of old-school medicine that did not believe in chiropractic doctors, they were considered “quacks”. As I became an adult I began to see that this was all wrong. I really didn’t know how true this way would be until I tried the services at Restoration Chiropractic. I began to experience the difference it made in my body. I could tell that migraines had resided, and my structural problems were being resolved. Also, I was much calmer and now have a regular sleep pattern that was quite different from before.


I will never be able to thank everyone here enough for all they have done for me and how wonderful the staff is. My daughter is also a patient here and I can’t wait until they resolve all her issues too. I can only wish everyone in Columbia would come here so they could be blessed with the excellent care that I am given here. 

Linda H.

I have been visiting R.C. for four years now. I had trauma injuries as well as suffering from migraines, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and POTS. With my visits, I have gained back so much support in my body. I am sleeping through the night, able to work out again, and dealing with way fewer migraines. Dr. Taylor and Dr. Amanda have always been super efficient with the care they provide. I truly feel that without the care of them along with the entire R.C. team I would still be struggling minute by minute. I thank you all for your devotion to all the patients…you aren’t just a care team, you are family. 

Vella has been seen off and on over the last two years and we definitely notice the difference when she isn’t being treated. As an extremely athletic child that also has ADHD, this team has kept Vella in line and made her athletic as well as her academic career so much more comfortable. We are so thankful for all you do for Vella 

Robin and Vella F.

I started my journey with Restoration Chiropractic in November 2021. I was suffering from migraine headaches, right shoulder pain, lower back pain, and chronic sinus issues. After going over my scans and treatment plan, it was also discovered that my left hip was out of place. I started my adjustments the same day. After two weeks of three days a week, I noticed that my sinuses as well as my right shoulder had improved.


Within a month, I realized I had not been experiencing any migraines and had not taken any medication for my migraines. I had always been prone to at least three sinus infections by this time of the year. I have not had any sinus infections at all. I am happy that I started my journey with Restoration Chiropractic. 

Taylor S.

Since I’ve been doing chiropractic care I have not had any migraines or headaches, and my shoulder pain has been minor. I believe, through the care I’ve been receiving, along with eating better I have a better quality of life. I’m looking forward to being med-free in the future. Thank you all for your warm greeting, pleasant atmosphere, knowing me by name, and professional service. My family and I have also enjoyed the activities you have provided!

Jayen V.

I’ve seen chiropractors off and on over the years but I never followed treatment plans well or some didn’t even mention that as an option. I’d forget, let life “get in the way”, or didn’t set aside funds to pay weekly. I wasn’t prioritizing myself. I didn’t know I needed to. Since starting here, it has allowed me to feel accountable and stay on the path laid out. It took me too long to realize the body requires spinal alignment for the spinal cord's electrical circuits to reach everything. In just a few months my weekly headaches, ones I convinced myself were normal, had reduced to rare. I was able to sit at my work desk without getting back pain after just a few minutes.


I’m becoming attuned to my body and recognize getting uncomfortable as a sign I need to move and take a break from sitting. Something I never expected after being farther in the plan, adjustments allowed me to lower my thyroid medication! It’s been the same for years! With new energy and confidence in my health, I’ve been on a path for more improvement and self-focus. It has paid off greatly as I have been able to lower myself from thyroid medication yet again with research and guided direction from my doctor.

Martina H.

Going to the Chiropractor has helped my headaches and my back pain feel so much better. 
Thank you, guys.
I give you 5 stars!

Brooklyn M.

Before going to Restoration Chiropractic I was having lower back problems, headaches, migraines, and stiffness in my neck. In other words, I was a hot mess. After I started seeing Restoration Chiropractic I was diagnosed with Papilledema. To say I was worried is an understatement. 

The crew at the chiropractor helped me so much with everything. They would and still do check on me to make sure everything is okay. I am so thankful for them. I am feeling the best I have in a while and all my issues continue to get better every day. I have and continue to recommend Restoration Chiropractic to anyone! 

Don’t worry if you have a physical or mental disability because they will gladly help in any way and treat you as a person, not your disability! 

Jonya G.

I was in my late 20s and working in the Emergency Department experiencing debilitating migraines 4-5x 
a month. These episodes would last 1-3 days along with nausea, vomiting, and sensitivity to light and
sound. I was taking daily medication and then would still need to take more medications when I got a migraine or headache. I was sick of taking so many medications and still having issues so I went to my first Chiropractor.


I was off my daily medication almost instantly and taking less and less of my medications for the migraines within months! Now I'm in my 40s and chiropractic care has still been the only thing that will keep my migraines away and my headaches at bay. My overall function in my whole body has improved and I am at my healthiest self!

Michelle M.

In the summer of 2015, I started to notice I had constant migraines. I would wake up in the morning, call into my internship, close off all the light, and hole up for the rest of my day! It was excruciating. For five years I sought help and answers and no doctor seemed to be able to give me any. Eventually, I worked on my own to seek answers. After some searching, I decided to try chiropractic care. I was a bit skeptical, if I’m being honest, but was willing to try anything. I was tired of missing birthdays, work, and vacations.


After the first visit, Restoration Chiropractic had already validated the pain I was experiencing more than five years of doctors’ visits combined. They told me it might take some time, but they were sure I would cancel the migraine medicine prescription I had gotten online.


Three weeks into my chiropractic care, my migraines had vanished. I, being a skeptic, held on to my medication thinking the results were going to be short-lived. Four weeks later, I canceled my prescription. I haven’t needed any migraine medication and I won’t need it again. If anyone was a skeptic who was willing to try anything to curb the pain, it was me.


I am so thankful for Restoration Chiropractic and their knowledge of the human body that I just don’t have. Instead of focusing on how many years I had migraines, I now focus on how long I have been without. And boy is life so much more enjoyable! THANKS RESTORATION CHIROPRACTIC!

Brooke N.

When I started at Restoration Chiropractic I had chronic tension headaches. Since coming, I have experienced a 90% reduction in my pain. I also started at Restoration Chiropractic at 11 weeks pregnant and I believe my care helped with pregnancy and labor. I ended up pushing for < 20 minutes. Dr. Taylor is always willing to go above and beyond and saw me multiple extra times during weeks of high pain. I would highly recommend Restoration Chiropractic for anyone looking to improve their health. You will be treated just like family.

Cassie B.

I started coming to Restoration Chiropractic over four years ago looking to alleviate my headaches, and neck, shoulder, and lower back pain. Not only do the doctors provide some of the best care I’ve ever experienced but the whole team is attentive and so friendly.

The method they use to adjust is gentle and effective and has nearly gotten rid of my headaches completely, with the occasional symptoms being successfully addressed by their techniques.

My work as a massage therapist is very physically demanding and they have seen me through several injuries and flare-ups, I know that I couldn’t have a career I love if I didn’t have their team to look after me. 

Maeve T.

My family and I have been going to Restoration Chiropractic for over a year now and are very pleased with the health benefits we have experienced.

We have 11 kids that have been seen and all of them have had improvements. These include a major reduction in headaches, total loss of pain in knees and ankles when running, and improvement in overall back pain and sleeping issues. Several kids say that it is more uncomfortable to slouch now and as a result, they have better posture.


One of the kids told us he has feelings in all his fingertips now. One child, who has Turner Syndrome, has had the most visible improvements. She was not crawling on her knees when we started but after a couple of months of care she was crawling “correctly”. She is more prone to ear infections because her ear canals are not formed correctly, however, since we started going to Restoration Chiropractic, she has not had to be medicated for an ear infection. She is running, jumping, and climbing at just a couple of months behind the developmental milestones. As a result, she no longer needs physical therapy!

I have seen several benefits myself as well. After the adjustments, I do not have “buzzing” in my shoulders, I do not get headaches very often, and my lower back doesn’t feel like it’s about ready to go out. We are overall healthier and even though we still do catch the sicknesses that are going around, we fight them off quickly.

The doctors listen patiently to any questions or concerns I have for myself or the kids and always have suggestions to remedy the problem. They all work very well with the kids and do not rush through our visit. Our little one with Turners is most comfortable with Dr. T and he goes out of his way to come in and be the one to give her an adjustment.
The staff is excellent! They are always very kind and have a positive attitude. When I need to reschedule, they are always patient, workable, and happy to help. We have even been seen during their closed time when no other time could work for us.

Out of the three chiropractic offices we have been to, Restoration Chiropractic is by far the favorite and most effective! We will definitely be continuing our care with them for years.

Regina B.

The RC team is unlike any other chiropractor I’ve ever been to. 

Before I signed on with the RC Team I had limited range of motion in my neck, incapacitating migraines, and upper back pain. Thanks to them, I no longer take muscle relaxers, pain medication, or migraine medication. I don’t even take off-the-counter pain relievers daily. I’m without pain, sleeping better, have a better range of motion, and I feel with stress so much better. 

The RC Team greets you with a smile and they are such a caring and friendly staff. Dr. Taylor and Dr. Amanda are genuinely interested in healing the whole person and always listen to your concerns. They are my support team, and I am so glad they came into my life!

Sharon B.
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