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After years of traveling high school sports and athletic injuries, I developed chronic pain and stability issues in my hips. I had used chiropractic care previously that consisted of a whole body adjustment about every 6 months. This treatment was very ineffective because it only treated my symptoms temporarily. I immediately noticed a difference in the treatment style at RC.


I really appreciated that all of the staff and docs emphasized patient education right off the bat. I learned the concept behind RC’s effective and renowned treatment style as well as how spinal interference can contribute to medical issues throughout the whole body. I also appreciated that each patient’s treatment plan is unique and the team only recommends additional imaging and treatment when it is absolutely necessary to ensure the most cost-effective patient experience. The whole body approach helps to achieve optimal outcomes by treating multiple areas over time and emphasizing education in posture and simple lifestyle changes that can improve spinal health and overall health.


After just a few weeks of treatment, I noticed an improvement in physical pain and mobility. I was more surprised to recognize improvement in sleep, digestion, and headaches. I am excited to see how my health will improve from my treatment at RC!

Carly B.

I came into Restoration Chiropractic after I had some really bad hip pain. I knew nothing about chiropractic care, I just thought they’d crack my back or something, and move on. But they really helped me understand what my body was like structurally and helped me find a good balance in my ever-changing lifestyle. I have a lot more energy, my mood is better, and I have much less pain!

Jordan B.

I have gone to Restoration Chiropractic for three years. When I first started, I came there three times a week and I was very stiff. I have had multiple hip replacements and was very stiff. They worked on me without touching my bad hip as it is Cemented in and will not move. My whole body feels so much better now and now in maintenance, I only come every other week. 

Sandra H.

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