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Back/Lower Back Pain

I have had issues with my lower back, digestion, and allergies. Restoration Chiropractic has taken time to hear me and come up with a program to help. I’m very satisfied with the results. It’s still a work in progress but overall I feel much better.

I now only take allergy meds as needed.

Kelly T.

I was suffering for quite some time with sciatica nerve irritation and lower back pain. I was using an anti-inflammatory and pain control medicines and they seemed to be of little help or relief for me. I knew I was not healing or getting better, and I had to do something different. 

Not being familiar with chiropractic services, I was skeptical to approach Restoration Chiropractic until I heard a friend had some of the same concerns and had chosen to come in for an assessment and has since had tremendous healing! Upon that suggestion, I came in to inquire what they could do for me. 

 I am so glad I did! The staff and doctors at Restoration Chiropractic are so welcoming and genuinely happy to see me. They took time to explain their approach and the science behind it. They explained how they would use high-level technologies to assess my current condition: they used X-rays and a special digital thermal spinal scanner to get the data they needed to start a healing plan tailored specifically to me! The time from my original inquiry to the completion of the assessment and subsequent healing plan was less than a week.

Only a couple of days after that, I began my adjustment sessions. I was impressed and thankful they were so efficient in getting me started on a healing path. I am also extremely impressed by their appointment process – I am only in the office for about 10-15 minutes total. From checking in at the desk with the extremely pleasant staff to the adjustments from the doctors, is literally only 15 minutes but the benefits are long-lasting and huge!

 Within the first week of treatments, I noticed an immediate lessening of pain and the sciatica nerve stopped keeping me awake all night! They improved my posture, sleeping, and walking almost overnight. Within the next couple of weeks, the change in my body was astounding. I was able to stop taking anti-inflammatory and pain medications. I was able to work virtually pain-free. I was able to get quality restful and recuperative sleep for the first time in months! I told them and I honestly believe they restored my spinal health and it literally gave me hope, which was something I did not even realize I’d forgotten about!

 I am so thankful for all the restoration family! They have restored my life and I would recommend their services to anyone who wants to live a better life. 

Dave H.

Dr. Taylor and his staff are wonderful. They are very caring and friendly. Before coming the middle of my back was always pulling and needing to pop. Since coming, that has stopped. Can’t imagine life without chiropractic!

Lori M.

I came to restoration chiropractic having had work done on my back for about 8 years already. I only ever seemed to manage my pain. After a month I felt an increase in stability in my lower back and neck and have been more active than ever. I no longer fear my back slipping out of place. 


When I started had low back pain, acid reflux, asthma, and lots of pain. After a few treatments, I started moving better, feeling better. Being in this program now I am just coming a few times. My acid reflux is gone, no more bad taste or burping, my asthma is very controlled now, and hardly have any pain just once in a while. My balance is a lot better and can walk on unlevel ground better. I feel my movement is better.


I have gotten my husband coming and my son. Both are also improving under care. This has been a great lifestyle change for me as well as my family.

I am so happy I met them at a little vendor I attended a couple of years ago. Very nice staff and doctors are always helpful and friendly each visit.

Nancy B.

A few years ago, I noticed on my commute to Columbia that my hands would get numb and have tingling sensations. I also had pain in my right upper back that I had seen a doctor in college for and was told it was a pulled muscle. Restoration Chiropractic came to my work for a lunch and learn and I scheduled my first appointment! I have been to Chiropractors in high school and always felt like adjustments in my neck would make my hips feel “off.” That is what intrigued me most about Restoration Chiropractic, they did TRT and not the cracking and popping I had in the past. The sharp pain in my upper back was gone after the first adjustment. I walked out knowing I made the right decision by starting Chiropractic care. 

Now 3 years later, I no longer have a commute to Columbia, but I make the drive just for Restoration Chiropractic. I’d recommend them to everyone who needs a chiropractor. Their office feels more like friends than just health care workers. They are all the best. 

Rachel M.

Thankfully, my daughter and son-in-law have been coming to Restoration Chiropractic for some time and they convinced me they could help me with my back pain, leg weakness, and spasms. I have only been coming around 2 ½ to 3 months and I am ever so grateful for the help I have received. This place is amazing in that the entire staff is always friendly and anxious to greet you and more helpful than any place I know. The doctors are kind and administer the treatments efficiently and always ask how you are doing and if there are any problems, they should know about them. There is NO crunching to these treatments, and you can feel improvement in a short time. Of course, this depends on the problem, but I have lived with pain so long it is wonderful to see the results and benefits working for me.


I recommend Restoration Chiropractic to everyone suffering from aches and body pain. I am so thankful that my family brought me to see for myself the relief to be had here. 

Kay G.

My daughter started coming to Restoration Chiropractic first and she was progressing immensely. So naturally she suggested I come here too. I have been to other chiropractors who didn’t do any X-rays and would just pop or twist my back. Since I have been coming here I have had less back and hip pain! I can walk better and go up and down stairs more easily. I am thankful that my daughter talked me into coming to Restoration Chiro. The staff there is very friendly and helpful. They keep me in line. I feel so much better!

Lili S.

I started with Restoration Chiropractic upon experiencing a 30-year battle with chronic migraines. I also suffered back pain most of my life receiving subsequent diagnoses such as myofascial trigger points, fibromyalgia, and sciatica, and ended up with multiple physical therapy encounters – all bringing relief at the moment, but nothing long-lasting.


Later in my 20s, I was diagnosed with major depressive disorder and generalized anxiety disorder. Regarding the migraines, I had endured the gamut of medical/ pharmaceutical experiments with no relief. Over the years, on and off again, I saw physical therapists for severe back and hip flare-ups, again with little avail. I was prescribed a cocktail of anti-depressants to help with that condition. They would help for a while, then I would become “tolerant” to the meds so they would change it up, usually adding more and increasing doses to where my brain was “foggy” feeling all the time. Having been to “twist and crunch” type chiropractors before and experiencing either no positive effect or adverse effects. I was highly skeptical of trying chiropractic care again.


However, there was something unique and different about Restoration Chiropractic. Their doctors, their staff, and their technique offered an approach to healing I had not heard of before, and altogether their program made logical sense to me! Feeling high to give it a go – I did!


I look back, after one year of caring, personal, and compassionate treatment and feel like a miracle has happened to me! Thirty years of nearly daily migraines are nearly gone. A lifetime of severe and sometimes deliberating back pain has been tremendously reduced and severe pain episodes eliminated. I have also eliminated ALL daily and as-needed anti-depressants and anti-anxiety prescription medications.


With that being said, the great thing is that I do NOT suffer from depression, or anxiety by being off those meds! I have regained much in the way of memory recall and mental acuteness and have full clarity of mind again. I cannot begin to thank Restoration Chiropractic enough for the valuable work they do to restore health and balance to people – naturally. I tell everyone I can that they are my “miracle workers” and the long-awaited answer to my prayers for healing.

Laura M.

I had had back issues for years but did not do anything besides fight through the pain. One night after working out at the ARC, I almost fell down the stairs leading to the main floor because my back locked up on me. My wife got on me to get something done about it for once. 

In high school, I played football, basketball, and baseball. I played football & and baseball in college as well. I have continued to play baseball and softball (an average of 3 nights a week during the summer). I have been rough on my back over the years, to say the least. I knew it was going to be ugly when I went into Restoration Chiropractic. 

The staff was great to me. I was able to get my initial exams done in a very timely manner. The staff and docs were noticeably clear on the issues and path to getting better. They set up payments as a service over a year and it was perfect. It is the same mentality I use in my business, so I completely understood why it was the best path. 

Since I started treatments, my back is much better! I am back in the gym 3-4 nights a week. I spend most of my days in a chair and I can get up and down without the grunt now. I do not wake up with a stiff back as I used to either! I know I still have a way to go, but I know I am on the right path to getting better and sustaining my health!

Timothy K.

I have suffered from chronic back pain for most of my adult life due to an injury and a work-related task in 2021. I began experiencing pain running down my left leg and into my foot, also I was waking up with numbness in my left hand. That is when I knew I had to seek help. I dreaded seeing a back specialist for fear of surgery knowing that is a last resort for back pain, so I decided on a chiropractor instead. 

I did some research and found that Restoration Chiropractic was highly recommended, so I contacted them to get things going. My first visit was quite impressive, very friendly staff and accommodating like a family atmosphere. I started my sessions, a little apprehensive at first because the sessions took only a few minutes.


After a few sessions, I started noticing more mobility in my lower back and within 2 weeks the pain in my foot and leg was gone along with the numbness in my hand. 

I am so grateful for the decision I made, these guys took my pain away and continued to realign my spine and improve my mobility. If anyone is searching for a chiropractor for any reason at all, I would strongly suggest Restoration Chiropractic. They are dedicated to their patients and committed to what they are doing.

Steven R.

I have been going to chiropractors for more than 50 years, but I only went when I had severe back pain. I seldom went more than one time.
At Restoration Chiropractic, I entered a program of going several times per week, week after week. Over time my spine was improving. Now, for the first time in many years, there is no more tightness between my shoulder blades. My neck is not stiff. My lower back is not cramping. The doctors are truly correcting the alignment of my spine, making me really well for the first time in decades.

If you have continuing problems with your spine, Restoration Chiropractic can help you become truly well.

Mike B.

Oh my goodness! Today – that is December 16 – I was deep cleaning my apartment and tossing out old furniture so much that I completely forgot about my final appointment. Seeing as I’m leaving Columbia permanently tomorrow, it slipped my mind to even check about non-graduation obligations today. Serious oversight on my part!

While I’m bummed because I do care about my spinal health, I’m even more bummed because I was excited to say final goodbye’s to everyone. On the phone today at around 5:45 pm, Michelle told me there was a bottle of champagne and a t-shirt y’all had for me. Your kindness and thoughtfulness mean a lot to me.

Throughout my time receiving adjustments and treatment at RC, my original back issues – which weren’t quite debilitating yet but were on their way to being so – finally began responding to chiropractic treatment. What was a year-long, creeping pain suddenly began to retreat. Before RC, I dreaded going to chiropractors because I’d leave their office without any expectation of relief or progress. But after my first adjustment with Dr. Amanda, I knew this experience would be different… and that is certainly what turned out to be the case!

Along the way, though, everyone showed interest in my life holistically, not just in my clinical status. Dr. Taylor even helped me find a job this past summer, which made it financially feasible for me to visit my girlfriend in D.C. over this past semester. This interest in me and my well-being is characteristic of every – and I mean truly every – interaction I’ve had with each of you. I must confess, I’ve never written a “thank you” to any team of medical professionals before. But, I wanted to make sure it’s known how positive and substantive of an impact you all have had on me since I wasn’t there in person today to communicate this to everyone.

I wish you all the best and want to encourage you to keep doing what you’re doing. I pray that God keeps blessing Restoration Chiropractic and that you all enjoy this holiday season. Hoping to swing by the office and say “hey” the next time I’m in Columbia. If you ever find yourself in the D.C. area, please let me know!

Maxx C.

I have always enjoyed an active lifestyle. In 2018 I had a lower back injury that greatly affected my ability to run, walk, work out, and play sports. I tried to go to traditional chiropractors for a while but was very nervous with intense adjustments of my neck and back. I heard about Restoration Chiropractic and their ability to utilize minor manipulation and was intrigued. On my first day in the office, I was met with smiling faces, professionalism, and explanations about everything that was happening. 

In the year plus I have been going to Restoration, I have seen great improvement in my ability to do things I couldn’t do before or could only do through a lot of pain I have continued to see them to maintain where I am at and haven’t felt this good in a long time. I would highly recommend coming to anyone who is looking to return to a more active and healthy lifestyle

Josh B.

Chiropractic care has changed my life! 

Since a very young age, I have suffered from chronic back pain. The pain got to a point where I had to restrain from doing some of my favorite activities. I used to feel drained and consistently tired despite trying physical therapy, massages, etc. One good day, I heard of Restoration Chiropractic and the benefits of chiropractic care. Then I decided to give it a chance, and since then I have noticed a huge improvement in my pain and my overall well-being.


I’m able to sleep better, I feel more energized, and I am back to doing the outdoor activities I love!  

Milena R.

Thank you Restoration Chiropractic Staff! I was against chiropractic care because my medical doctors could not relieve my pain and I did not think a chiropractor could help me.

My pain was always at a 9 or 10 and I hurt from my fingertips to my feet. I could not work, sit, or even lie down! After seeing Dr. Taylor and Dr. Amanda I noticed my pain was slowly going away! I would limp into the office and would be in no pain when I left!

In 2020, I had 2 back surgeries that were untreatable with physical therapy and chiropractic care. Without going to Restoration Chiropractic, I would still be lying in bed recovering! My medical doctor also missed that I even needed surgery. Dr. Amanda found it first and I asked Dr. Taylor for his opinion, he said I would unfortunately need surgery as well.

Without the staff here, I would most definitely be in a wheelchair! I now can run, lift, work, and even sleep! 

Kyle J.

When I first entered the world of chiropractic care, I admit I was a skeptic. I didn't think they could help me with my pain, but I was running out of options to the point that my lumber pain was causing difficulty walking.

I met a staff member who helped guide me through the process. I'm glad I didn't let fear of the unknown stop me from at least trying a few sessions. After the third session, I could walk again without being hunched over and in tears.

I knew the staff and doctors were invested in my care, and I became friends with the team and doctors; it felt great being asked, "How are you doing?" I feel Restoration Chiropractic doesn't just care about your body, but also your emotional moods.

I gained a few stress points due to personal situations after sharing the reasons behind my high-stress point evaluation compared to the first entrance exam. The entire team was trying to make me feel better and even recommended comforting things as I moved through a grief process.

I can't thank Restoration Chiropractic enough for helping me with my pain and trying to be empathetic to my current needs. I recommend trying Restoration Chiropractic at least once because you won't be another number in a doctor's office. You will be a smiling face, ready to go through the process of healing.

Taylor M.

When I first came to Restoration Chiropractic, I was not completely sure what to expect. I felt a combination of nervousness, uncertainty, and excitement about whether this kind of treatment was right for me. 

Upon my first assessment, I was worried that my condition was beyond repair, but with the guidance of this care team, I have made significant improvements over the past 9 months! In addition to my lower back aches and pains, which have subsided immensely, I feel healthier and more balanced as a whole, allowing me to return to activities that I previously thought were a pastime for me. 

The doctors and their team are constantly bright, cheery, and very welcoming. Every team member grew to know me by name and has become a critical element in the progression of my health. On top of all of this, the staff at RC is composed of the most forgiving, kind, and well-rounded people I have ever met, and this has nothing to do with their work, but rather the familial culture they’ve cultivated. Every Tuesday I go is always a joy that brings a little light to my life’s monotonous routine, wherein I find sanctity and peace for 10 in the middle of a busy workday.

Whether you are going for mild pain or a more serious condition, I would 100% recommend that you give Restoration Chiropractic a try! You may not even feel major aches or discomfort, but the RC team can get you feeling more limber and relaxed than you have felt in years!

Trevor M.

This is my 2nd testimonial and I have to say the progress of pain relief continues to amaze me! The lingering lower left back discomfort has actually gone away. It was my biggest concern and why I originally came to Restoration Chiropractic. I was at first a little skeptical because my lower back at first didn’t seem to be addressed solo but through slow and persistent adjustments I realized the lower left side has no pain anymore! I highly recommend Restoration Chiropractic and all their staff to anyone who is skeptical like I was!


I have been a practice member for about 2 and a half years now. My pain has been gone since I started with them. I cannot say enough about the doctors that have taken care of me, and the amazing staff that takes care of everything that I need. At my last evaluation about two months ago, I had a pretty good checkup. There was not a lot of color on my scan which is a very good thing. They say there were a lot of white rectangles down my spinal cord which was very enlightening to see that kind of results after I had two surgeries toward the end of last year 2020.  They were at least three weeks apart from each other, with all of this happening to me at this time was very scary to say the least.


I had to cancel some sessions during that time even after all of what I went through when I got started back with my sessions, I was pumped to see that things had gotten better with time. I just want to thank all the staff and the doctors for all they have done to keep me healthy in my time of need.  

James G.

    Before chiropractic care, I was having neck pain, back discomfort, and night leg sciatica. These conditions were especially bad with prolonged standing, car travel, or driving. It was difficult to get comfortable when sleeping. I decided I must be wearing the wrong shoes and tried a variety of types. As a retired dietitian, I have always aimed to maintain a healthy diet and weight. I always try to keep active with horse care, yard care, house care, five grandchildren, and exercise. But even some of the exercises would increase my neck pain and some yoga poses, like the locust, would make my back hurt. Although not completely debilitating, it just made me feel old, tired, and like I was slipping down a slope toward becoming feeble.


One year into chiropractic care around Thanksgiving of 2018, I started sessions at Restoration Chiropractic with Dr. Taylor, Dr. Amanda, and their able staff. After a thorough evaluation, a schedule was compiled for adjustments. The targeted use of the integrator made it so much different and painless than I envisioned. They asked questions and made suggestions for icing, exercises to relieve sciatica, and tips for sleeping comfort. Gradually, it all came together and began to work.


I did backslide 2 or 3 times when I questioned the efficacy, but they kept me going. Now I would say just about all my symptoms are resolved. I rarely have neck pain, the sciatica is gone, I can stand comfortably for longer, and sleep much better. I have learned important habits for posture, sitting while reading, body mechanics, and lifting limits when I do outside chores and pay attention to my tolerance limits for lifting grandchildren and exercise. At the age of 69, I will still have some arthritis and a diagnosis of osteoporosis. However, the spinal adjustments have vastly improved my overall comfort and sense of well-being. I am deeply grateful for the care I have received here. 

Edna O.

After delivering my child, I had crippling pain in my lower back. I could not stand up straight, lie down flat, or even sit. I went to the doctor after it turned into sciatic pain. The doctor explained that I did not let the damage caused by my epidural heal correctly causing swelling and my nerves to become pinched. He prescribed painkillers and stretching. If it did not get any better, he would order an MRI and possibly surgery. The thought of surgery scared me to death. I have never had a surgery in my life.


My mother-in-law told me about Dr. Taylor and Restoration Chiropractic, but I was nervous to go because I had never been to a chiropractor, but it sounded better than surgery. So, I went. It was about a month and a half before I saw improvements, but the pain was starting to go away, and I noticed that my headaches were not as frequent either. After a couple of months of treatment, I had a relapse. The pain was back, and worse than ever, but Dr. Taylor and Dr. Amanda did what they could to alleviate my pain.


After a week or so, the pain was gone and has not been back since. Chiropractic care just makes sense. Because of my misalignment being active too soon, my body could not heal properly from what thousands of women get daily, but because of the care I was receiving from Restoration Chiropractic, my doctor never ordered that MRI, nor do I need surgery. 

Montana R.

My back pain was enough to prevent me from doing simple things with my husband and dogs such as taking long walks or going hiking. It even made it hard to do my job at work. But after going to Restoration Chiropractic I am able to enjoy these simple things in life again and am able to perform my job with minimal stress. Restoration Chiropractic has not only given me my life back, it has also brought me closer to the ones I love and has enabled me to be the best mom I can be to my future child. 

Baileigh Y.

I was under a doctor's care for about two months after I was involved in a car accident. I received pain in my back. Occasionally when I would bend over, it would be very difficult to get back up. It would feel like a popping hurting pain in my neck when I would turn my head left or right. My arm pain felt like it was waking up from going to sleep. I was taking medicine that was not doing any good, the only comfort I got was if I held my arm up, or in a different way that made the pain feel better.


I did not know what to do, but one day I was looking for the secretary of state on the south side and was having a very hard time finding the building. I walked into this building for directions, and this nice pleasant woman greeted me. I asked her where the building was, and she pointed straight out of the front window. The building was straight out in front of them. After that, I asked her what they do here, and she began to explain what Dr. Taylor and Dr. Amanda do. She asked if I could come back later that day. I did not think I could afford their treatment, and I was doubtful about going. I thought I would be wasting my time, but the pain was so bad. I was ready to try anything at this point.


Dr. Taylor did his presentation and I was very impressed by his words. I decided to sign up and start going three times a week. After the second week, the pain in my arm was much better. Every week after that was better as well. The pain in my arm eventually left, as did the pain in my neck and back. I am so thankful to God for leading me to Dr. Taylor. I am so glad for Dr. Taylor and his staff!

Larry M.

I have been with them for a very long time. During my time with them I have been doing very good. Before I started doing this, my spinal cord was like a Christmas tree, it had all the colors you could imagine at that time. But now everything has changed, the colors have changed to a lot and the red colors have gone away. I am feeling better and my colors have changed a lot which means things are going in the right direction. I would recommend this procedure to anyone who has a lot of back problems or just not feeling good and not sleeping well. This will truly help you if you just give it a try. It will change your life in so many ways. Heals from the inside out and that is the truth. I am a living testimonial to what this can do to help your way of living now and in the future. 

James G.

After just a few visits, I could already tell my back was feeling better and getting aligned. After a year of visits, the results were amazing with minimal back pain and everything staying aligned even after physical activity. Dr. Taylor and Dr. Amanda do an awesome job and can easily relate to the back pain as well as knowing exactly how to fix it.

Thanks for everything Restoration Chiropractic!

Clint H.

Everyone at Restoration Chiropractic is friendly and helpful. You can feel that they really care about you and your health. I’ve had lower back pain and a nerve impingement in my neck for quite a while, but thanks to Restoration Chiropractic that has changed!  That method of Chiropractic care has really worked for me and I’m looking forward to continued improvement and health.

Josh C.

I literally tore my back up in late 1997 lifting a person from a car to a wheelchair. It really never recovered and over the years it continued to deteriorate and by the time that I discovered Restoration Chiropractic I had trouble walking upright. I believe I started going faithfully in the summer of 2017. To say I was skeptical about a good prognosis is an understatement. Three years later my back and body feel better than they have in so long. My back feels great and my sciatica is under control and a previously “bad” knee is even better! 

I referred my husband, and he has been going as long as I have. Doctor Taylor and Doctor Amanda are absolutely amazing, and we actually look forward to seeing them on our bi-weekly visits. Their staff is so professional and friendly, I dare you to not fall in love. Special shout-out to Kate – top-notch human!

Prior to chiropractic care at Restoration, I took ibuprofen several times a day, almost daily. Now I literally never have to take it. I am walking and bike riding regularly and generally feel like a new person! Aside from my husband, I have referred dozens of people to Restoration because they changed my life! Bravo to all the staff!!

Angela P.

From the bottom of my heart, Thank You! This morning I was driving home from CrossFit amazed at all the things I can do today that I couldn’t do a year ago. Things I couldn’t do for many years of my 20’s actually. Today I turned 30 and because of your care, I am now able to do CrossFit and lift weights without getting injured. I can go for a 6-mile run without getting a sore back. I can rake 12 bags of leaves, bending over for hours to work without hurting myself. Today I did cartwheels. Something I tried a few years ago but they caused sharp pain. Today I did 10 in a row and was pain-free. This weekend I went out dancing for hours with my friends and I never had to take a break to sit down and I didn’t wake up sore the next day. You have healed me and given me back all the things I love.


I’ve been a skeptic of chiropractic care for many years and never had the desire to have my back popped. One morning in 2015, I bent down to grab a shirt from my laundry basket and felt a strong pain shoot across my back. It stopped me for a few seconds, but I blew it off and continued with my morning routine. My back kept hurting the rest of the day and I mentioned it to my boyfriend at the time (now husband) and he said that I should go see a chiropractor. I thought it was unnecessary and rejected the idea. My stubborn self figured the pain would subside and go away on its own.


Over the next couple of days, I realized that the pain wasn’t going away and finally took my boyfriend’s advice to see a chiropractor. We went to a local chiropractor in Jefferson City. I found that I had stage 2 degeneration likely due to many years of playing multiple sports since I was a young child. I found some relief by seeing this chiropractor but also soon realized that the popping techniques were the same regardless of which area was causing problems at the time for myself and my boyfriend. My boyfriend, Jimmey, has terrible back issues resulting from his years of service in the Army. He actually felt worse each time he left the chiropractor for the following two weeks, so he stopped going altogether. I eventually fell off the train as well.


After 9 years of dating, Jimmey (finally) proposed to me in August of 2019. We went to a couple of bridal expos and one of them was in Columbia, MO. There was a booth there for Restoration Chiropractic and Jimmey was intrigued by the device they were using to check the spine. I encouraged him that he should try it out. He was interested yet also hesitant because he was told by a spine surgeon that basically there was nothing that could be done to relieve him of his pain. He could have a bone fusion, but he risks not being able to walk in 5-7 years. So, along with the news and the last chiropractor not helping him made him that much more hesitant. He decided to try it regardless just for the fun of it.


He was impressed with the results and the staff there at the booth that day. He heard about his diagnosis and his issues. I ended up getting my spine looked at as well. They were offering a deal that day and we had a glimpse of hope that maybe this chiropractor would be different after all.


We went to our first appointment and since then it’s been a life changer. I have found relief in big and small aspects of my life. I have PCOS and learned that proper chiropractic care can help with those symptoms, which it has for me. I also struggle with constipation, sinus issues, etc. and Restoration Chiropractic has helped me out a lot. More importantly to me, they have helped my husband, Jimmey, get his life back. He is such a hard worker and enjoys being outdoors, physical labor, working out, etc. but was unable to do too much of that without paying the price of being in excruciating pain or bedridden for a day or two afterward. He wasn’t even able to walk on a treadmill too long without having to lay on his back on the floor of the gym in pain. I could see the frustration, pain, and discouragement in his eyes, and it broke my heart.


Restoration Chiropractic was the last resort for him and thankfully it has restored his faith in chiropractic care and restored his joy in life. He has made tremendous progress since beginning his care plan here. He's able to do simple life activities along with more strenuous activities again. He got his life back and it’s all thanks to Dr.Taylor and Dr.Amanda. We are having our first baby in July and plan to take her here for care as well. We fully trust Dr.Taylor and Dr.Amanda and we couldn’t be more thankful for their expertise, knowledge, and care for both of us. They’re amazing and personable doctors who also became our friends. The staff at Restoration Chiropractic are always welcoming, friendly, and personable as well.


Overall, Restoration Chiropractic is the best place to go when you need chiropractic care. You won’t be disappointed! 

Ashley F.

When I was growing up, I was a dancer for 15 years. Needless to say, that came with endless joint & and back pain. I heard about Restoration Chiropractic through my campus ministry, Chi Alpha. a lot of friends come to Restoration Chiropractic and one of the staff members of Chi Alpha, Morgan, even worked there. It has been so cool to get to learn about & and experience how your nervous system & and the rest of your body are connected.


Since starting treatment here, I’ve been able to experience relief from seasonal allergies, weird joint pains, & and just feeling like a more put-together person altogether. It’s crazy how much better you are able to feel when just one part of you is put back where it’s supposed to go. 

Miranda F.

Before going to Restoration Chiropractic I was having lower back problems, headaches, migraines, and stiffness in my neck. In other words, I was a hot mess. After I started seeing Restoration Chiropractic I was diagnosed with Papilledema. To say I was worried is an understatement. 

The crew at the chiropractor helped me so much with everything. They would and still do check on me to make sure everything is okay. I am so thankful for them. I am feeling the best I have in a while and all my issues continue to get better every day. I have and continue to recommend Restoration Chiropractic to anyone! 

Don’t worry if you have a physical or mental disability because they will gladly help in any way and treat you as a person, not your disability! 

Jonya G.

The RC team is unlike any other chiropractor I’ve ever been to.

Before I signed on with the RC Team I had limited range of motion in my neck, incapacitating migraines, and upper back pain. Thanks to them, I no longer take muscle relaxers, pain medication, or migraine medication. I don’t even take off-the-counter pain relievers daily. I’m without pain, sleeping better, have a better range of motion, and I feel with stress so much better.

The RC Team greets you with a smile and they are such a caring and friendly staff. Dr. Taylor and Dr. Amanda are genuinely interested in healing the whole person and always listen to your concerns. They are my support team, and I am so glad they came into my life!

Sharon B.
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