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Being a hairstylist for 20 years I’ve received chiropractic care for the majority of my career. It wasn’t always budget-friendly and I never felt like I gained much improvement until I started w/ Restoration Chiropractic.

My first impressions were exceeded by how friendly and caring the staff is. I liked how they formulated my care tailored to my body’s needs by using advanced technology.


I was grateful when they came up with a budget-friendly way to pay for the needed treatment to get my body back into shape.

After just a month I could notice all the improvements my back and especially my neck was gaining. I look forward to many years here at RC. I know I’m in the best caring hands in COMO!

Marci M.

Having used chiropractic care before Restoration Chiropractic this is the FIRST time I have received holding, viable results! I feel much more balanced and stable.

The 2 areas that I can identify are my upper cervical/area that once was always tight, strained, and “popping” on its own frequently. The second area is my lower back and hip area which now feels much more balanced and with no strain at all. 

Randy N.

After being in a car crash and suffering a concussion, I experienced horrible neck and back pains along with severe headaches. After two years of dealing with these pains I decided to try chiropractic treatment.


After three months of treatment, I have begun to feel so much better, I no longer have back pain, my neck pain has decreased greatly, and my headaches are way less frequent and less severe. The chiropractic treatment I have been receiving has been so helpful in healing my body.

Emily H.

Prior to becoming a member at Restoration Chiropractic, I had one chiropractor experience (traditional popping/cracking) and it was not a great experience. So, I was hesitant about coming to RC. My friend had recommended Restoration and spoke highly of their experience. I originally went in for neck pain and headaches. I am over 12 weeks in, and my headaches have nearly subsided and the neck pain is almost non-existent!  The staff are incredibly pleasant, Dr. Taylor and Dr. Amanda are kind, and my overall experience has been better than ever expected.


The science behind the integrator makes sense and how the doctors determine which vertebrae are out of alignment. Overall, I am very pleased with the service I’ve received and the treatment I’ve gotten and would encourage those on the fence to let the science speak for itself and try out RC!

Taylor T.

Chiropractic has helped me so many times, between back pain, neck pain, dislocated ribs, and shoulders it has saved me from lots of pain! I did not know I had an extra bone until I saw a chiropractor or knew how that extra bone affected me. Dr. Amanda and Dr. Taylor have been so helpful in my healing journey, showing me ways to stretch and even the correct way to breathe to optimize my health! I am so thankful for everyone at Restoration Chiropractic!

Nicholette I.

The care I have received at Restoration Chiropractic has been life-changing. When I first came, it was obvious that years of football and being younger – and admittedly dumber – had really messed me up.


Initially, I was unable to turn my head all the way right and when I would try, my vision would go blurry. Quickly, after my care started, that drastically changed! On top of that, the maintenance care I’ve received since has kept me feeling amazing and pain-free. I am very thankful for Restoration Chiropractic and their friendly, amazing, caring people!

Tyler M.

I have had neck problems most of my life. When I came to Restoration Chiropractic, I was excited to learn about how they could help me and what was causing most of my pain. 

I have been coming to Restoration Chiropractic for almost two years and I never want to go back to my pain.

I love Dr. Taylor and all the staff. They will answer all your questions. They really do care - which is most important.

10/10 would recommend 

Nothing is more important than your health, so why wouldn’t you make sure your spine and neck are healthy also?

Miranda L.

I came to restoration chiropractic having had work done on my back for about 8 years already. I only ever seemed to manage my pain. After a month I felt an increase in stability in my lower back and neck and have been more active than ever. I no longer fear my back slipping out of place. 


My journey with Restoration Chiropractic started 1 year ago. I had experienced cervical and lumbar discomfort for over 2 years. The discomfort increased when I was active. I’m an active retiree who enjoys playing pickleball, walking, bike riding, and riding horses. No Netflex for me. I was not interested in taking medication for relief of my symptoms. 

I was very skeptical at first but after 2 months of treatments, I noted a decreased discomfort. During this past year, I have continued all my activities and experienced: 1- 1,000 lb horse fell on my left leg, 2- fell on the ice, and 3- knocked to the ground by an overzealous dog. The doctors and their friendly and compassionate staff have coaxed my nervous system through these battles. My pain level on a bad day is never over a 2.

I plan to continue my wellness journey with the staff's recommendations to prevent the return of my subluxations.

Anita C.

Restoration Chiropractic changed my life. Not only have they helped align my spine, but they have helped to correct my neck and shoulders too. I used to have pain daily and didn’t have the flexibility to even tie my shoes. Now I rarely have serious pain and I am more flexible than I have ever been. The price is very affordable, and the doctors are very friendly and professional, and the rest of the staff always has me leaving with a smile on my face. This place rocks! I would recommend Restoration Chiropractic to anyone and everyone!

Hayden M.
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